During Registration Period and Before the Event:

What is the Iowa Senior Games? 

The Iowa Senior Games is a feature event for athletes ages 50 and over and is open to in-state and out of state participants. 30 sporting events are offered with something for everyone. This event serves as the Iowa qualifying event for the National Senior Games.  

Who qualifies for the Iowa Senior Games? 

Anyone aged 50 years or older. Age determining date is December 31st, of the current year.

What events are held at the Iowa Senior Games? 

  • Accuracy & Distance
  • Archery
  • Badminton
  • Basketball | 3 on 3
  • Bowling
  • Cornhole
  • Cycling Road Race
  • Cycling Time Trial
  • Disc Golf
  • Golf
  • Granny Basketball
  • Racquetball
  • Road Race
  • Shuffleboard
  • Softball Tournament
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Triathlon

Do I have to register for events ahead of time? 

Yes, depending on the event you would like to participate in, registration deadlines differ. Please review our website regarding those deadlines.  

When does registration open? 

Registration opens March 1st.  

How do I register? 

Please visit the Iowa Senior Games website and under the events tab you may find event information and the registration link.   

Can I register by mail? 

If you are unable to register online, please contact our office.  

What is the cost to register? 

$35 for 1 sport, $5 for each additional sport. $50 fee for unlimited sports.  

(Starting May 2, $40 for 1 sport, $5 for each additional sport. $50 fee for unlimited sports) 

Is there a discount for registering for multiple events? 

Once you reach the $50 registration fee, all other sporting events are free.  

How do I qualify for the National Senior Games? 

Participants must medal in an event during a qualifying year (even-numbered years). The top three Iowans always medal. Even if the top three times or scores are all out of state participants.   

During and After the Event: 

Where can I find the full event schedule? 

The 2024 schedule of events will be released closer to the event. 

Where can I find my individual sport schedule? 

Once all sport schedules have been posted on our website, you can find them by clicking on your specific sport, clicking the dropdown menu towards the top of the page, and selecting “Schedule”.   

What is the Welcome Center? 

The Welcome Center is where athletes (unless otherwise noted) should go to check-in and receive their athlete packets. Welcome Center is TBD.

When is the Welcome Center open? 

Welcome Center hours will be posted closer to the event date.

How early should I arrive for my events? 

While we can’t tell you an exact amount of time, athletes should arrive at a time that allows them to find their event location, check in, and warm up before the start of their first scheduled event. We also recommend scheduling time to talk to the various vendors while also giving yourself plenty of time to get to your next event. Remember that the posted times are approximate. 

Can I sign up for additional events on-site? 

No on-site registrations will be allowed. 

Will there be admission taken at the events? 

No, there is no admission cost to get in to the events, so we suggest inviting your family and friends to come along with you! 

Will there be food available on-site? 

No, there will not be concessions or food vendors on-site. Please plan ahead by finding nearby restaurants. 

When will the final results be posted? 

Our staff will be working hard after the event weekend to wrap things up and compile results from every sporting event. We will try to post results as soon as possible, but you can expect the final results to be posted no later than 2 weeks after the main event weekend. 

Will pictures be taken at the event? 

A couple staff members will be floating between events taking photos. With the number of events and participants, not everyone will have their picture taken, but we will try our best to get a variety of photos from the event. Participants and spectators are welcome to take their own photos, and we encourage you to share them with us for a chance to be featured on our social media! 

When will the pictures be posted? 

Our marketing team will be sifting through and editing the photos they take after the main weekend is over. You can expect to see them posted on our Facebook page within a week following the main event weekend.

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