The Iowa Senior Games (ISG), an annual competition in West Des Moines, is dedicated to opportunities for competition and a healthy lifestyle for Iowans 50 and over. The ISG provides opportunities by hosting athletic, recreational, and socially interactive competitions. ISG strives to encourage eligible participants to undertake and/or continue participating in a healthy and fitness-oriented lifestyle by providing an Olympic-style event. The ISG allows athletes to compete with themselves and their peers in an atmosphere of friendship and support and receive recognition for their efforts and achievements. In 2022, athletes competed nearly 3,000 times in thirty (30) sports and nearly one hundred (100) events. Over 2,000 Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals were awarded to the athletes.

A major part of the reason for that success is the enthusiastic support of our volunteers. In order for this event to happen successfully, volunteers are needed to serve as Event Directors and general event volunteers. It is preferred that Event Directors have specific knowledge about the event that they are directing, but general event volunteers require no specific skills – just a desire to make the Iowa Senior Games a great event for the participants!

Over 250 volunteers stepped up to help host over 900 athletes for the 2023 Iowa Senior Games. The 38th Annual Iowa Senior Games in 2024 will be another outstanding weekend of the Games, and you can help! Whether you are an expert official or just want to greet people and hand out information, the assistance you provide allows us to put on this great event. To sign up or learn about volunteer opportunities, view the links to the right.

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