Due to high demand, several pickleball sub-events have been closed. There are also a few sub-events nearing capacity, soon to close. Below you will find a link to the online pairing sheet for the event. Please review these listings prior to completing your registration to avoid frustrations or cancellations. Players that noted a partner, in their registrations, that have not yet registered, are advised to contact and inform their partner of the need to complete their registration. These players are also advised to review the pairing sheet to avoid signing up or registering for any sub-event brackets that are shown closed. Registrations are scheduled to close entirely on 5/22/2023 however, between now and then there are likely to be a few more sub-event brackets that reach capacity and will be unavailable for additional entries. If you have any questions, please contact Steve Stone (pickleballiowa@gmail.com).

Link for pairings:  http://pickleballiowa.com/isg2023_pickleballpairings.html


Ages 50-64 | Wednesday, June 7th 2023
Ages 65+ | Thursday, June 8th 2023

Your competition age is your age on December 31, 2023.


Valley High School Fieldhouse
3650 Woodland Ave
West Des Moines, IA 50266


Wednesday, June 7 (Ages 50-64)
Mixed (Ages 50-64) | 7:30 AM
Mens/Womens Doubles (50-54) | TBD
Mens/Womens Doubles(55-59) | TBD
Mens/Womens Doubles(60-64) | TBD
Mens/Womens Singles | TBD

Thursday, June 8 (Ages 65+)
Mixed | 7:300 AM
Mens/Womens Doubles | TBD
Womens Singles | TBD
Mens Singles | TBD

Note: Start times could vary or be delayed when the upcoming event still has participating players finishing the previous event 

***Competition format is subject to change depending on the number of participants.



Lee Harker

Steve Stone


Are you looking for a partner for doubles and/or mixed doubles?  CLICK HERE to check out our partner search document

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